Steampunk GPS
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What is Steampunk GPS?

Remember the days before the Spark of Electricity drove everything, when your GPS Apparatus emitted satisfying Hums and Clicks from the Gears and Springs contained within?
Remember the beauty of the Steam-Powered Satellites adorning and lighting the Nighttime Sky?

It is only natural that You do.

Although those Days may be gone forever, now You can have an Incredible Simulation of the GPS Apparatus from Days of Yore!

Introducing The Steampunk GPS Apparatus! Now You can watch Gears turn, Needles spin, and text flip through, just like the steam-powered, spring loaded GPS Apparatus from back in the days before the Electric Spark changed the World! The Steampunk GPS Apparatus displays the User's actual Global Coordinates in DMS (Degrees, Minutes, Seconds) or Decimal coordinate systems. It displays the User's Altitude in Meters or Feet, and gives Speed in Miles or Kilometers per hour. And the Apparatus even provides the User with the current Heading.

So why use just any old GPS, when You can have Ye Olde Steampunk GPS Apparatus?
And get your Position and Altitude with old fashioned Attitude!

Remember, The Steampunk GPS Apparatus is for the purpose of Entertainment only, so One should not use it to navigate while piloting One's Dirigible.

About the Author

Our author is a Visual Effects artist working in a San Francisco Bay Area studio. He has worked on such projects as Finding Nemo, Rango, and the Pirates of the Caribbean films. One day he decided he needed to make an iPhone app... Because it's what all the cool kids are doing nowadays.

This is really just an art project that took place for two hours most Thursday nights. Most of his time was spent trying to pick up where he left off the previous week. Much was spent learning the SDK and Objective C. And part of that time was spent eating Thai take-out. But that's part of the creative process, right?

So when you're trying to decide whether or not to lay out 99 of your hard-earned cents for "yet another GPS app," remember that while there are other GPS apps out there, the others can't compete in the style department.

And while it is primarily an art project, it's quite useful when you want to know how high that hill you just climbed is... Or what direction you're facing... Or where that geocache is...
And as a bonus, you get to do it in style!

The next project will have both an environmental and social impact (yes, a positive one). That's all we can say right now.

How to Use Steampunk GPS

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